Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters

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Abrolhos Islands Fishing 

Fishing trips in Western Australia. Jump on the Pelican charters for your next Abrolhos Island holiday, Live aboard for 3/7 day overnighters. 

Live aboard Trips are apon us at the Abrolhos islands just 4 hours away from Perth, 3 hours boat ride from Geraldton.

The Pelican will take you to your new most Favourite Spots Fishing or Diving the Abrolhos. The best for Western Australia Boat Charters.

Once of a lifetime trips to Montebello Islands Fishing – Diving – Sight seeing- commercial operations contact us for your next adventure charter.


Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters – Deep-Sea 

Join Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters and jump on the Pelican for your next Fishing trip to the Abrolhos Islands, Liveaboard for 3/7 day boat charters.

Live aboard Abrolhos Islands accommodation on Pelican Charters and get Suba diving, Snorkeling & spearfishing right at your door. Exploration trips to Shark Bay near Denham Charters.

 With Pelican charters Abrolhos Islands – Geraldton Western Australia

The Abrolhos Islands is about 60km’s to the west of Geraldton Western Australia. The islands are surrounded by marine areas of coral reef which stretches for over 100km’s.

122 islands, Houtman Abrolhos Archipelagos which consists of Plelsart Group, Wallabi Group & Easter Group. Pelican Charters live aboard accommodation lets your see this region whilst living aboard on the boat – Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters.

Lots of marine wildlife can be found on Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters, including dolphins, tropical fish, lobster, sea birds, whales and seal lions. Beautiful bays and beaches ideal for snorkelling, swimming, diving, windsurfing, fishing and even surfing. Abrolhos Islands Charters can take you to see any of this.

There is 18 shipwrecks such as 1629 Dutch Vessel Batavia and more from the 19th century. Create your own Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters adventure today. We also offer Boat Charters Geraldton for Abrolhos Islands Diving & Fishing Charters Geraldton WA.

Abrolhos Diving with http://www.pelicancharters.com.au. Dive the Abrolhos and Live aboard the Pelican. Snorkle with Balchin, Coral Trout and Duefish and the amazing Abrolhos reefs. Tanks & Air available, Meals & Accommodation.

A must for underwater lovers as it is an aquatic dream to remember for ever. Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters, for your Next Adventure Holiday, Call 0892491535.

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