Abrolhos Islands

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Abrolhos Islands Liveaboards

From the gentle, clear water of sheltered bays to the gigantic surf breaks off the islands. At the Abrolhos islands you’ll find a beach, or shore that’s just perfect for you.

Just a dip proves that our seas are home to the planet’s most diverse marine life, from the largest to the tiniest and some of the strangest ocean species known to man.

The centre of the world’s marine biodiversity. We invite you to jump into the very heart of it. Abrolhos islands diving charters.

Come and discovery why we are the best charter boat and crew for your Abrolhos Islands Liveaboards adventure?

Abrolhos Islands Tours

Tour the Abrolhos Islands. Go from beginner to advanced as you go chasing surf, wake-boarding, kitesurfing, parasailing or fishing & diving. We have so much water, it’s an aquatic playground for any water sport.

Love the mysteries of this planet’s underwater kingdom? You’ve come to the right place. Those who choose to snorkel can enjoy simply hovering above glistening corals, inches from the hull of shipwrecks.

Divers may prefer to dive directly into the darker gullies and caverns of the Abrolhos coral atolls. There is so much to see and find at Abrolhos Islands. With over 20 Years experience with Abrolhos Islands, we can surely show you around the best spots that most do not know about.

Abrolhos Island Charters

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